we love a good pair of socks.  and if we were going to bring any in, they would have to be pretty great.

kids 'old bone socks'

"Founded in 2010, INSTANCE unravels the spool of convention to create an original canvas worthy of the art it is paired with. A commune of creativity, INSTANCE is dedicated to the spirit of individuality. INSTANCE has paired pro-athletes, artists and story-tellers from around the world that embody their own spirit of individuality and self-expression. Punks, poets and personalities whose feats inspire bold individuality. Collectively, they catalyze the pursuit of creative expression as both a worthy destination and a way of life. From free-thinkers Jason Jessee and ‘the Lizard King’ to riders Andrew Reynolds and Mikey Leblanc, to artists Russ Pope and Don Pendleton, INSTANCE has gathered together a group of connoisseurs who show talent, attitude and energy." 

available in store: kids, ankle high, and more. starting at $8. 

give it up for the "uncommon thread" 

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