when ms. simek showed us her jewellery in person, we were enchanted.  the quality, care and whimsy she takes with each piece is quite something.

real pussy willow buds carefully attach to oxidized silver chains like silent wind chimes...

single or double eyelash necklaces (sterling silver chains only in store)

"lined with 23k gold leaf, this speckled quail egg necklace casts a warm glow from within. pendant hangs from 18 inch, 14 karat gold chain. made from actual japanese quail eggs.  seemingly delicate, the entire shell has been coated in resin for strength."

"the illuminated sea cookie pin mixes underwater wonders and light to add a little spark(le) to your wardrobe! the sea cookie, a member of the sand dollar family, is back lit by a white LED. When turned on, the light illuminates all of the creature’s natural patterns and intricacies. this pin is approximately 1 inch in diameter and comes with 3 sets of replaceable batteries."

'honeymoon'. "light & refreshing, like a cup of tea.  inside this sea urchin shell is an organic perfume made from grapefruit & basil essential oils.  this bottle is refillable, so you can use it over and over.  it's packaged in a wooden box decorated with a satin photograph and padded with slices of exfoliating loofah sponges.  includes an atomizer pump for tabletop use.  this fragrance is all-natural.  it is made from plant-based oils and contains no alcohol or chemicals"

handmade in portland, oregon.  
welcome to walrus ms. simek.  

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