the hunt for a solid t-shirt line has been on for a while now, so when a good old friend mine introduced us to wolves kill sheep...the hunt was over.

noriko + elvis, partners in life and business. good people.  
'pista wolf' by elvis segarich 
'trick bike' by elvis segarich 
'karl' by chubbmo 
'tree mtn' by ignacio villanueva 
'i was a hipster' by teddy kelly

'buy low' by ryan riss 
their studio/showroom in downtown LA

the fable:
"The story of the wolf has many strange tales and myths dating back thousands of years...
Anyways, that doesn't have anything to do with Wolves Kill Sheep clothing line, not one bit. The name has a nice ring to it, and so it is. The real story behind the beast goes something like this …

Wolves Kill Sheep set out to prove that high quality products can still be made right here in Downtown Los Angeles, with artwork showcased on our custom made blanks by hand picked artists. From fabrics to tailors and labels to trims, all of it, produced right here in our backyard, the way it should be.

We select artists whose creative style not only fit today’s market, but will also be just as relevant in the future. The artists we select may change from season to season, but the integrity of the art and quality of our products will never change."

for a more in depth interview:

welcome to the 'pack' WKS.  we're thrilled to have you in canada.

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