... Emilie Madill and Keith Weiss who are showing their work for the first time in Vancouver, here at our shop.

About the artists and their work:

Emilie Madill

She has a Bachelor of Design from Emily Carr University and lives in Vancouver where she enjoys riding her bicycle, eating tasty food, and dancing with hangers.
The drawings are a collaboration between ink, watercolour and paper.


Keith Weiss

As a young Western Canadian visual artist based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Keith Weiss is currently making his first marks as a professional fine artist. Inspired by many art forms, he also has a keen interest in the influence his tools and materials have in determining his style and content. His exploration of form and colour provides an understanding of the myriad possibilities inherit within any creative endeavour. Keith's youthful energy and openness keeps his work fresh and constantly evolving.
we invite you to come into the shop to experience more of their beautiful work.
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