Braemar Cushion, 100% organic hemp and cotton.

Have you ever delighted in the simple natural beauty of a stroll on a country road, or been captured by the dynamism of urban scenery? Canadian artist and designer Lori Harrison has, and she has used these moments or glimpses through time to inspire her work. Luckily for us here at Walrus, we received a collection of her beautiful hand-made cushions!

She works mainly out of a studio in Toronto, Ontario, however her inspiration stems from her travels across Canada and abroad. She photographs elements of the environment that inspire her and take the viewer on a journey through time and place to capture the subtle beauty of decay in urban and natural spaces.

Fundy Shed.

Fundy Cushion, linen.

The Fundy Cushion is a perfect example of the poetics behind Lori Harrison's inspiration, and it is one of my personal favourites! It is printed on taupe linen and the pattern is actually derived from a photograph that she took while on a trip to the lovely East Coast of Canada. While in Fundy National Park she spotted a shingled shed that had weathered beautifully through time displaying flaking paint and slowly revealing the original wood hiding beneath.

Chaplin Cushion, linen.

All of the Lori Harrison cushions here in the shop are 18x18 inches, with down feather inserts. She works with a few different textiles for the cases, from linen to 100% organic hemp and cotton, and they are all available for $95.
Electric Ave. Cushion, linen.
Come see the lovely cushions in person and don't forget to say hi to the new face here at Walrus (it's me, Sarah!). I look forward to meeting you!


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