'We value the production of life-long and frequently useable designs in everyday life.'  

"By pressing the plunger, you can enjoy rich aromatic coffee and tea in just a few minutes! CAFEPRESS mugs have the function to brew and strain inside them. Just put the ground coffee or tea leaves in, pour boiled water, and let it brew for a few minutes. Then, press the plunger down and enjoy drinking. As the cup has a double wall construction, it’s easy to hold and great to walk around."

"This portable tea strainer is designed to fold compactly and comes with a saucer in a case. Since the strainer part is made of flexible silicone, you can arrange the length to fit to different cups sizes. At your office, when traveling or camping, these tea strainers will let you enjoy fresh brewed tea anywhere you like"

"The Floating Tea Strainer is a strainer for one cup of tea. Simply put the strainer with tea leaves into hot water and it will naturally float. After the appropriate brewing time, just take the strainer out and keep it on the saucer. It’s simply fun to look at the floating strainer. Also it’s good as a casual gift for tea lovers."

"Compact teaware of two sizes cups and a strainer. It's convenient for two people, and also for one person, the small cup can be a strainer holder. All 3 parts are stackable like blocks, so it's good for storage."

"ReCUP is vivid colored and smart cup series. Instead of using disposable plates, cups, and cutlery, using this reusable items simply becomes eco-friendly actions for serving foods. Soup cups, noodle cups, drink cups, all can be used for microwave oven, and they come with silicon sleeves to hold easily."

"UNIT+TEA=“UNITEA”. UNITEA is made of heat-resistant glass  and is designed to make your teatime relaxing and enjoyable."

"MIO is the personal cup series, including a set of colorful strainers, lids, and cups. There are 2 types of cups: double walled and mug style. Using fine mesh filter enables draining and straining small tea leaves well. As the lid can be the rest of the strainer, you don't have to look for a place to put it." 

"The softly curved line and quiet colors in porcelain cups with wooden plates deliver a relaxed tea or lunch time. For example, soup and sandwich, tea and biscuits, the combination of menu for your lunch and tea time will seem like infinity with FIKA."

"FARO is a compact coffee maker to enjoy your casual coffee break. Each part is functionally considered to drip coffee easily. The stainless steel filter is successful to bring a pure taste and aroma of the coffee beans. Furthermore the filter is made of stainless steel so that it contributes to reduce paper filter wastes. Just like the name FARO, meaning lighthouse in Italian, it's impressive cylindrical form will remind you a white lighthouse standing on a cape."

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