coming on thursday?  no? too bad for you....

these guys along with Roaming Dragon have set the bar high for food carts in the city.  here's what Joe from Slop Press had to say about them:

"Re Up, the new Southern barbecue cart behind the Vancouver Art Gallery, is a great example of how one type of food can become a lifestyle. When you ponder the worship people lavish on barbecue, it’s no surprise that a guy like Chester Carey can devote his life towards smoking meats and beer (Carey is a cicerone – a sommelier for beer – and teaches the Serious Beer course at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts), and you can taste that level of sacrifice in their pulled pork sandwich."

check out these good people:  The Re-Up BBQ and hopefully you'll be one of the privileged to get a taste of this goodness on thursday. 

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