we couldn't have been happier when we got wind that the Benton Brothers were moving in just a few doors down from the shop.  they do a beautiful job of merchandising and selecting a variety of fine cheeses to offer their clientele... 

"When we opened our doors in 2007 we had a simple goal: to help Vancouverites discover real cheese! Today, we bring an ever-changing variety of handcrafted, artisanal, small production cheeses to Vancouver, celebrating the work of producers and cheese-makers who are as passionate about making cheese as we are about selling it. We don’t just appreciate what the cheese-makers we work with do, we believe that their cheese simply tastes better and so will you."

we are grateful that they will be here to share their fine cheeses and expertise with all of us on thursday - come, learn, and taste something new! 

these fine men offer fresh sandwiches daily and will be doing events throughout the year, so check them out in person or sign up to receive their newsletter so you don't miss out:  http://www.bentonscheese.com/
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