Say what? Lamzac? YES, Lamzac! The Fatboy Lamzac the Original. 

The original inflatable laybag sofa is finally here at walrus! & it's the one and only original design, as we know there are lots out there now. Excited to be able to take a break at work and lay down in our lamzac in the shop... jk c+d ;-)

This incredible air sofa was designed in the Netherlands and the name was inspired by the dutch word for "lazy person" - "lamzak". It's a perfect addition to take to the beach, park, music festival, travelling, or pretty much anywhere there is air to fill it up... Lightweight and easily packed up into its bag about the size of a binder. Made of durable nylon ripstop - dirt and moisture repellant, and easily cleaned with warm water and neutral soap.

Use it solo and get all up in there, or share and cozy up next to someone! As Fatboy says, "Be prepared to get loads of attention when using our fabulous lounge chair!"

Available colors in shop: aqua blue, red, orange, hawaii floral w/ brown


Next question, HOW does one use a Lamzac?
Step 1: Unravel the baby up. 
Step 2: Grab hold the black straps and open up one side. 
Step 3: Holding the one side open, run, and smile until one side is filled with air & close that side.
Step 4: Holding the other side open, run, and smile until that side is filled and close the opening.
Step 5: Now holding both sides together (you will understand when you see how it designed), wrap around the straps down until it feels tight.
Step 6: Sit down or lay down, and enjoy your Lamzac!



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