Welcome to Walrus, Sitaku!
Absolutely adore these stackable porcelain kitchenware products made with love and thought from Japan. 

Sitaku is a neat expression for 'kitchen to table'. Our selection of these beautiful "vessels" serve as tools for food preparation such as grating, milling or squeeze. Using simple lines and design, this Sitaku series can also be stacked! Making it easy to carry from kitchen to the dining table! (see what we did there?) After using the vessels, they can also be used as storage containers. 

ginger grater       // $39 
ladle stand          // $39

lemon squeezer  // $39

mortar & pestle   // $60
Nothing like fresh grated ginger, freshly ground spices, and freshly squeezed lemon juice! So happy to have you, Sitaku.
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