sidney 7:40 arrives at walrus! March 12 2010

still on the hockey gold medal high?! 

this tee is fresh off the press...yup, they've done it again...evokativ design has come up with another great one! check it out: 

'Throughout the 70’s & 80’s “The Rainbow Man” took his religious message of “John 3:16”, inscribed on placards and t-shirts, to the World Series, Super Bowl, Olympics and World Cup.
In Canada, hockey is religion and on Sunday, February 28, 2010 Canadian wonder-boy Sidney Crosby took his own message to the world at 7:40 of overtime in the Gold Medal Olympic game, sliding the puck under the U.S.A. goaltender and sending an entire nation into rapture as the Canadians won by a score of 3 to 2.'

relive the moment:  whew, i get kind of exhausted reliving that again!


they are going fast, grab a piece of canadian gold history.