The Lemon Park sisters, Tania and Penny Gleave, have always shared an interest in fashion and design, and often discussed starting a business together. So when Penny expressed an interest in changing careers at around the same time people were asking about jewellery Tania was creating and wearing at her openings, they decided to start Lemon Park.

Lemon Park came from the idea of the seaside park where the sisters and surrounding neighbourhood children spent most of their time outside of school. “Park” was chosen as a result of wanting to suggest an idea of a big, open space, a space in which all kinds of things happen and where ideas take shape. No limitations. Big enough for everyone.

The “Lemon” part is a secret.

they will be showing some of their new resin designs and oxidized silver jewellery
wednesday. october 5th. 6 - 9pm
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