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this sweet and talented couple have commitment to quality and design that we can see it and feel it in their pieces....

"Our jewelry design intent stems from our experiences in the practice of architecture. Our education and work in architecture to date has been aimed at establishing a formal language that is clear, concise, and non self referential. In this regard we strive to design our jewelry with clear forms, emphasizing distinct lines, and refined details. It is important for us that these three elements be in balance, so that none of is discernable as a distinct element.

Our aim is to achieve a level of relative simplicity with our jewelry in the hopes to express the more understated, or subtler side of ornamentation. In this way we hope to achieve designs that have a certain timeless quality and defy changing trends in fashion. For us this is an important aspect of quality design and integral to creating inherent value."

read more about Hiroko, Neil and their work here:  hk + np studio

join us this wednesday as they launch their brand new pieces. 
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