it's worth a try - and here's a great start - spring / summer native shoes have arrived in a big way at the shop. what can we say? we're positive thinkers.

available in all black, brown, regatta blue, hulla blue, & red

available in store in fizz green, black & beaver brown

available in store in cordova red & hulla blue

available in store in regatta blue, hot sauce, white & beaver brown

 and introducing...
available in store in black & red

available in store in brown, black, hulla blue, fizz green & shuttle grey

available in store in pink, hot sauce red & jiffy black

available in shuttle grey with regatta blue sole & sherwood green with fizz green sole (pictured above)

 the insanely popular...
available in store in fizz green, hulla blue, hot sauce red & regatta blue
*also available in juniors

available in store in hulla blue, hollywood pink & all black
*also available in juniors

 and new to the kids collection, the howard - ridiculously, adorably cute.

available in store in hot sauce red and jiffy black
*also available in juniors

we have to say that the crazy kids over at native shoes have outdone themselves this year. the colours, the styles...just as our shipments before, don't sit on this. this is our first drop with two more shipments to come, but still.  we can't tell you how many desperate phone calls we had last year from people searching, hunting, for anything.  don't let that be you this year. 

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