...and they are moving swiftly!
made right here in our fair city: "We wanted to create a different kind of chocolate shop.  One that uses the best ingredients we can find, in support of farmers and in the name of taste. One that goes against the grain, by recognizing where we stand in the global economy and by committing to making ethical choices instead of profit-driven ones. One that is off the beaten path, that blurs the lines between customer and cook.  One that revolves around innovation and craftsmanship.
Adam & Jess"
this valentine's day treat is made up of chocolate covered pistachios, strawberries + citron with candied rose petals...beautiful

available in store; chocolate covered agassiz hazelnuts, dark chocolate + macrona almonds, dark chocolate + espresso beans, and dark chocolate + cherries

oh, these butter caramels...melt in your mouth smooth - also special for valentine's day, mango + passionfruit caramels

available in store; 45% milk chocolate, 63% chocolate granola + 85% dark chocolate

love their packaging and graphics.  good people too.  check out adam, as he makes a batch of the chocolate covered agassiz hazelnuts for vancouver magazine: beta5

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