feeling nostalgic for your old cassette tapes? meet Deckster, May 25 2012

the ipod nano timepiece.
"even though the watch was our inspiration, it's still about the music. can we design a protective enclosure while adhering to the simple elegant form of the nano? how about a tape deck system?"

re-class: partnering with Mountain Equipment Co-Op's Sustainability Program, backpacks, tire treads and inner tubes were reclaimed and remade into new fun and stylish designs.  99.9% recycled aluminum, paired with rubber inner tube.

night class: made to measure aircraft-grade aluminum jacket, coated in matte black, paired with matching leather bands and finished with matte black stainless steel hardware.

who are the creators of the Deckster? 
"N-Product is composed of a husband and wife duo living and dreaming in Ottawa, Canada.  we're passionate about many things; design, music, fashion, film, pretty much every form of art that has been touched with the indie spirit.  We wanted to create a high end timepiece and the selection of materials and the manufacturing technique needed to be exquisite.  we wanted to keep all activity on-shore, where we can control the level of quality."

i have to admit, i do love those mixed tape days....with Deckster, you can relive those good ol' 80's memories in a whole new way.   

models in store $165, not including the Nano