a lot of time and energy, on both parts, gets put into the events that happen here at the shop.
but we love it. we love the experience of sharing and collaborating with all these amazing individuals and showcasing their work with all of you.  thank you for support.

the walls are filled in and repainted...
here comes paul with the white gloves for the installation!

vinyl goes up

what a good looking list of names

mr. gallant of course.
paul and the awesome hanna pesut

mr. victor wang

and the night was made that much better by having a glass of our new fave, main street pilsner  - thank you for your sponsorship. thanks to altamont and urbanears also for sponsoring and to paul ismirnioglou for curating.

pictures are still up and available. $50 for 1st edition string, set of 5 photos. 


xo daniel and caroline

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