Some teachers and administrative staff work so hard and give so much of their extra time and energy.  A thoughtful token of gratitude is always a nice gesture. 

From top left to right:

Vancouver City Walking Guide - learn some new facts about our great city

Cactus from World Reclaimed - easy, low maintenance and cute

Spot Tea - in a variety of delicious options, from Chamomile (to help calm those nerves) to Ginger, Peppermint, etc. 

Cafepress - a great portable mug, for loose leaf teas or coffee - french press style

Beta 5 - always a favourite - Cherries, Macrona Almonds, and Hazelnuts

Olive Soap - also a local favourite, in a beautiful selection of only pure ingredients

Mellifera Honey - locally harvested, we're restocked in Lemon, Cardamom, Vanilla and Thai Chilli

Swell water bottles - stainless steel in fun matte and shiny finishes, double walled to keep hot or cold

Garden in a Bag - in Mint, Basil and a convenient 'Thank you'. includes all you need to grow these varieties indoors

Felted Soaps - these are a favourite of our school secretary! she brought them to Africa - keeps your luggage smelling lemony fresh, and perfect for  scrubbing those grubby travelling toes

BKR - glass water bottle with a protective silicone jacket


Lots more in store...

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