Not to freak you out or anything, but CBC recently posted an article on credit card skimming. 

"Many new credit and debit cards come with chips that allow customers to tap the card to make a purchase. These chips, used in many retail outlets from are read by payment machines and are supposed to be a safe and convenient way to pay for goods.

But CBC News has found out those chips can also be read with a device millions of Canadians carry with them every day — a smartphone.

Using a Samsung Galaxy SIII and a free app downloaded from the Google Play store, CBC was able to read information such as a card number, expiry date and cardholder name simply by holding the smartphone over a debit or credit card.

And it could be done through wallets, pockets and purses." - um, say what?!


Up until now one needed a special card reader to scan personal credit card information – this is now possible with an app for any smart phone.

Secrid, with the aluminum case does prevent the card information from being scanned by any card reader or smart phone. In fact, they were awarded a Red Dot Design Award in 2010. Secrid provides a timely solution, elegantly presented.


All card cases made in Holland and, or Italy. 3 styles and more colours available in store.  

Prices starting at $44.95


Read CBC's full story here:



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