Here is a great collection of home, kitchen, and bar items that make for fantastic gifts. Teroforma is based out of the US, bringing thoughtfully designed objects to the table through the collaboration of new designers and master artisans from all over the world. Practical, elegant, and fun- pick a few of these up in store as gifts to party lovers, whisky & wine connoisseurs, and people who just love beautiful things. 

Bottleneck Minis // a combination of hostess gift, greeting card message, and bottle-hanger box, hang one of these on the bottleneck for an extra little something to pair with the drink. 12 different mini boxes $12.50 each

Whisky Stones // chill whisky and keep the perfectly balanced flavours without the dilution that comes from using ice cubes. freeze for at least 4 hours before use, pour liquid until it has reached the height of 1 cube, let sit for 5 minutes and enjoy!
polished black $30
natural soapstone $29

Whisky For Two // 2 non-lead crystal tumblers & 6 whisky stones 

Wine Twirls // keep glasses of wine fridge-cold for 45 minutes longer than otherwise. freeze twirls for at least 3 hours before use, drop them into glasses and enjoy!

Wine For 2 // 2 16oz tumblers & 4 wine twirls

Vancouver Tea Towels // collaboration with London-based designer Yoni Alter, colourful iconic city silhouettes, cotton-blend with sturdy woven hanging loop, washing machine safe

Cocktail Tray // handcrafted Swedish birchwood tray with food-safe varnish, dishwasher safe

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