Who doesn't love to a little change in the everyday routine once in a while? Whether it's a drive across town or a flight to the other side of the world, we an all use a bit of downtime in this busy season. For those who love to travel, are always on the go, or are planning a trip coming up soon- here are some gift suggestions that they might find useful the next time they leave home! 


Herschel // minimalist travel kits to hold toiletries or other small travel essentials. $30

Erin Templeton // locally crafted elk or bison leather pouches. starting at $28


Midori // traveller's notebooks with leather cover and blank notebook included, use for scrapbooking, doodling, note-taking, etc. starting at $58

Victionary // pocket-size city guides to give you expert insight on the best restaurants, neighborhoods, shops, and everything else you need to know in town. $14


Urban Ears // modern earbuds and headphones in a variety of colours with excellent sound quality and built-in microphones to make and receive calls. starting at $40

Espro // travel coffee presses with double filters for delicious, grit-free coffee as well as a double insulated container to keep your drinks hot for 6 hours. $40

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