you may remember these fun planters we had a couple of years ago? they've got a new design!

"Produced from recycled plastic, a float-stick indicates the water level and two fixed-length hanging wires come included with each planter. For the keen urban gardener, this range is the perfect solution to get that ceiling garden started.  Each Sky Planter Recycled product uses Slo-flo irrigation technology."

quick review of why The Sky Planter it's so great...:
Save space
Conserve water (Potted plants commonly lose water through evaporation and drainage. The Boskke Sky Planter’s unique reservoir feeds water gradually to the plant’s roots. Because there is no excess water to drain away, they can be used indoors, without losing water to evaporation.)
Purify your air
Improve your health

Look up and enjoy the beauty of nature with a Boskke Sky Planter.

speaking of gardening, our friends over at  are having another workshop!  

whatever your weekend holds, enjoy the sunshine fellow vancouverites...

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