As a growing local business, the Walrus team is always extremely appreciative of all the support that we receive in our community. You guys inspire us to keep doing what we do and love! We are also proud to be able to extend this support beyond our local community to other places in the world where where people continue to struggle for things including clean water, education, and safe communities.

Obakki // Signature Scarves

These lightweight scarves are a beautiful piece to add to your wardrobe for this season. Based in Vancouver, Treana Peake has created a foundation that ensures 100% of the net proceeds from every Obakki scarf that is purchased is put towards providing clean water and education for different villages in Africa. By giving fashion a purpose and applying creativity to developmental work, Peake hopes to inspire others to find ways to fundraise and change the world. Since Obakki's launch in 2005, 700 water wells and 12 schools have been built and continue to serve over 1 million people. 

$29 each



Ash // Village of Makila                                Noir // Village of Matangai

Foundation Red // Village of Malual Chum   Orchid // Village of Ronga

Article 22 // Peacebomb

Each of these simple pieces are made from bombs, plane parts, and other aluminum scraps which work towards supporting artisan livelihoods, village development, and de-mining in Laos. It all started in the 1970's with 12 rural families who began transforming bombs into spoons and the project has since expanded to involve weavers and silversmiths around the world. The company hopes to make peace of something originally used for war. 

Arrow Bangle // $30                                       Interior Story Bangle // $30

Resolution Wrap // $13.80


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