Check it out- our Instance socks have been featured in the Vancouver Sun! The article "Housewares: Frightfully Stylish" provides for you with a few ideas on how to get into the Halloween mood and prepare your home for next weekend. 

Instance socks blend their creative roots with innovative technology in order to create the most comfortable socks you'll ever wear. Featuring reinforced heels and toes as well as elastic arch bands, these promise to keep your feet feeling free all day. 

Not a big fan of this Halloween-themed pair? Not to worry, Instance carries an infinite selection of prints, styles, colours, and fits. The company really emphasizes their artistic creativity in the prints that they come up with, even collaborating with some celebrities such as Rihanna and Dwayne Wade. They've got you covered- from basketball socks to snow socks and to dress socks, you're guaranteed to find a pair that suits you and your style. 

Men & Women sizes // starting at $12.50


Athletic- Julius 2 // Cleopatra

Super Invisibles- Bordeaux // Tip Toe

Come by and stock up!

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