Got some little ones to entertain now that summer break has begun? These Simply Read books bring well-loved classics back to young children with a board book series both written and illustrated by Jack and Holman Wang. They feature needle-felted images and simple literature for young readers. If you're looking for a gift or even something to add to the home library, we've got 8 classics in store now for you to take a look at! Each $9.95


Each of the 12 pages features one word which best captures a moment in the story, allowing parents or guardians to engage in the child's reading and help fill in the rest of the story! The words are used to introduce simple concepts and create a narrative, and hopefully bring children into the world of storytelling. 

Jack and Holman are twin brothers who grew up in Vancouver, BC and started writing books together in third grade. They both have young children and they love sharing these classics with them. Give a kid a classic! 




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