We're already halfway through June which means a very special day for all father figures is close by. It's the one day of the year that is fully dedicated to showing our appreciation for all these loved ones and for their hard work and love throughout the year. We've put together a few great gift ideas for these deserving men.



Teroforma Whiskey Stones- Set of 9

Use these stones to chill drinks instead of ice cubes to prevent your drinks from becoming diluted. Add three chilled stones to your next dram, let stand for 5 minutes and enjoy. Black or grey. $29


Cursor & Thread Bow Ties

Add some dapper-style into his closet with these adorable handmade (in Vancouver) ties! We have a variety of other colours and designs to choose from. Quote from the creators: "The greatest thing we ever learned about bow ties is that like a good marriage, once the knot is tied, the charm often lies in the imperfections" Start at $59


Le Baigneur Soaps & Landon Dix Shaving Brushes

These 100% natural and organic handmade soaps are the perfect gift for someone who seeks out the greatest product quality in their suds. We carry the three artisan soaps- tonifying, exfoliating, relaxing- as well as the shaving soap, available with a beautiful porcelain bowl. $15 & $59

The Landon Dix boar-hair shaving brush is also a great item to complete the package. $50


Fly At Risk Ties

Handmade in Vancouver, these ties are a lovely touch to add to an outfit this season. These also come in different colours and prints, inspired by travels, poetry, and all things floral. $40

 Wishing all fathers a lovely Father's Day!!


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