Would people describe you as generous? We could all use a boost at times and getting it from each other is, maybe, the most enjoyable way to get it! For the past few weeks I've heard an old  Red Hot Chilli Peppers song floating through my head... "show love with no remorse and climb on to your seahorse" it makes me smile and contemplate how "love" is  given, measured, guarded, and shared between friends, lovers, family, and neighbours. It's often the smallest group of words sewn together in a micro moment that saves my day. I'm not necessarily talking about giving things. Although I do love things. Which I will undoubtedly demonstrate in a moment! This is just a friendly nudge to generously enjoy your Valentine~whoever they may be~ friend, stranger, family member or the love of your life! Now for some great gift ideas! 

These Award winning locally made chocolate bars come in Dark, Salty, Creamy Milk, and for V-day especially:Cupid's Arrow which will pierce you with its Bourbon Vanilla Pod, white chocolate, and rasperry flavours! These bars break off in beautiful triangular shapes inspired by the mountains seen from the windows of the Beta 5 workshop.

Juniper scented pocket knives! Why are knives such a romantic gift? They just ARE, but especially when the wood they are made of smells so divine. Carry a knife and you feel protected, ready to do some urban hunting, fishing and berry gathering... or just plain more prepared for what the day ahead may bring. Without the knife? What are you going to slice that pear with? Instead of inheriting my Grandmother's jewelry I inherited her pocket knife collection made of horn, bone, and forged steel. I was showing our line of French made D'Albrac pocket knives to a client who reminisced about his childhood in France and how his father and the parents of the children he played with growing up  carried this knife. We talked about how our grandparents and parents had these timeless objects and what a pleasure it is to hold a well made knife in your hand.

~D'Albrac Juniper Knife $177. Horn $219

His and Her Bath and Body

This year we've aquired some delicious new bath and body lines. It's been really enjoyable watching people find just the right roll on perfume scent, shaving cream, body butter. Harlow has just released a line of hand poured soy wax candles. Each one is poured into a ceramic vessel made by a local potter! They smell is buttery and soft with a hint of citrus.

Harlow Rustic Bath Soak $24. Candle $60

  Malin and Goetz Candles 2.3 oz $17, 9 oz $55

reassembly luxury oil body serum $50

mosscape perfume $45

Le Baigneur Sensitive Skin Shave soap with porcelain bowl $59

Have a Heart

   Sweet little heart studs in brass, silver or rose gold. Starting at $30

 An inky soft black heart screen printed on dove grey paper. $50 unframed. (Fits standard Ikea frames for ease!)

There are so many things we're happy to help you find! From wallets, to socks to that perfect card. Whatever you end you up doing, we hope you feel the love..

- Iris   



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