What does the year ahead look like for you? Whether your year holds challenging and exciting new directions, the comfort of familiar routine, or a bit of both, we wish you a rewarding 2015.

We're feeling a sense of renewal and anticipation here in the shop! With record breaking temperature highs and sunlight streaming through our windows this past week we've re-stocked staple lines and discovered the new Herschel Spring line. We've also added a gorgeous new jewelry line inspired by the ocean. Leah Alexandra combines precious metals and gemstones  to make timeless, versatile pieces. Her rings, necklaces, and earrings glitter with a subtlety that will add excitement, strength, and dare I say a slight girly smile to your daily grooming routine. 


Great for layering with other jewelry. Aquamarine gem ring $85                        



Gem Necklace $84                                             Arrow Necklace $98            


Green gold gem ring $85                      Labradorite studs $92

 Leah's creations pair equally well with jeans or with formal wear and in case you know someone with a March birthday aquamarine is the birthstone for March Babies (hint, hint)!

Come visit us and we'll be thrilled to share this easy to love, easy to wear gemstone line with you!



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