Well, the Christmas music is playing - the holidays have arrived! We've taken it upon ourselves to help all you Santa's helpers out there hatch ideas and maybe take some of the stress off of searching for the perfect gift by presenting you with 20 Days of Walrus! Why 20? We like to be different, that' s why! For the next 20 days we be enlightening the masses with our favourite items in stock for this season. 

So let's begin with everyone's favourite game: Secret Santa! Whether you work in an office tower or a bustling cafe, you know the hassle of Secret Santa. Not so much giving gifts to your co-workers (they aren't that bad!) but the customary $20 limit and the anonymous nature of the gift giving makes it so difficult to buy a gift that someone will actually want. Which is especially sad when you're playing the version of Secret Santa where you can trade gifts and for some reason people keep trading your gift for something else. Don't let it happen again! Here is our quick list of Secret Santa gifts around $20 to make anyone - even Steve in accounting - happy. 


Kikkerland Power Bank - $15

Give the gift of power! This portable power bank is a great backup for those times your phone dies when you're stuck in starbucks trying to sort out the complicated coffee order you were sent there to retrieve.


Shippon self-watering plant - $16

Perfect for making sure that the recipient is using the gift you bought them, this cute little guy can go right on a desk. It's absorbent tail means you never need to water the plant, only refill the water reservoir. Choose from a monkey (basil), a dog (clover), and a cat (strawberry).


It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be.- $11.95

Spread some inspiration with advertising guru Paul Arden's handbook of how to succeed in life.


Batle Studio Curio Graphite Object - $22

Let someone know you "heart" them by handing them this gift. Batle Studio creates sculptures made of a graphite composite that writes like a pencil but doesn't smear on your hands. Choose from a heart, a crown, a butterfly or for those humbugs out there - a skull. 


Mellifera Bees honey - $10-$17

For the tea lovers, these beautifully bottled honeys are sure to delight. Add to your morning yogurt or salad dressings. Choose from Cardamom, Lemon or Vanilla. 


Malin and Goetz votive 2.35oz - $17.50

Welcome to the smell zone. Malin and Goetz aside from making wonderful body products also make delicious smelling candles. These votives may be small, but boast they a 30 hour burn time. Choose from vetiver, otto, dark rum, cannabis, tobacco and neroli.


Puddifoot Pepper Pump - $19

This nifty little tool is a great thing to give to that person who has a stash of salt and pepper packets in their desk. Small and portable - also great for those with joint problems who have problems with regular pepper grinders. 


Stay tuned for tomorrow's holiday feature! 


If ever something is not available in our online shop, please email us any purchase inquiries. 

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