Christmas is fast approaching, and every year it seems that those who are the most special to us are always the hardest to buy for. I find that the presents that mean the most are the ones that have been made with the same care and appreciation that you have for the person in mind. Bleu de Chauffe bags are the perfect representation of that. 

Made in Averyon, France, each bag is made by qualified artisans renowned for their skill, experience and expertise. They are committed to traceability and ethically source all of their materials. A vegetal tanning process is used on all leather and the canvas bags are made with waxed cotton. You can truly feel the quality in these bags. Practical and stylish, each bag is signed and dated by the artisan. 



Also from France, artisanal men's soaps from Le Baigneur. Le Baigneur aims to meet men's expectations by creating 100% natural, organic care products and favoring ingredients from local productions. The butters and oils used in production of the soaps are never heated, thus retaining the nutritional qualities. The shaving soap comes in two different scents and is available with a beautiful porcelain bowl. We also have boar-hair shaving brushes by Landon Dix to complete the set. 

bleu de chauffe bags - $268-$628
le baigneur soaps - $13.50-$59
If ever something is not available in our online shop, please email us any purchase inquiries. 
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