Well, it's official - the rainy season has returned. As we wave goodbye to the setting sun of a long, hot summer, we look forward to cozy sweaters, big scarves, hot chocolates, crunchy leaves, movie nights, good books, seeking refuge from the rain in little coffee shops, giant puddles, actually being excited to get on the bus - oh no, I'm rambling about my favourite season again.  

Okay, so Fall is here, no doubt. Here in Vancouver, it's hard to find a balance between the practicality of wearing rain pants non-stop for the next six months and the temptation to continue wearing your favourite jeans until the rain seeps through and turns all of the receipts in your wallet into pulp. 

Wait a second - don't commit to the rain pants just yet. Introducing Bellroy:

Bellroy Elements Travel from Bellroy on Vimeo.

Bellroy wallets not only keep your stuff dry, they keep your wallet slim. These wallets were designed to keep you organized and let you live outside without compromise. PLUS they are committed to environmental practices (which you can read about here), so you can feel even better about toting this little beauty around. Here's another thing - there are not one, not two, but THREE different waterproof styles to choose from. So you and your two best friends can stand in the rain, wallet to the sky and say "Not today rain, not today." 

Or you can just be quietly confident that your stuff is dry, but either way I'm not judging.

If waterproof is not on your agenda, they do have other styles that may be more appealing to you. If you travel a lot, like I do in my daydreams, they have an awesome travel wallet that fits your passport, your bills, 4-6 cards, a SIM card and it even comes with a really nice pen. 

(love this pen)


All in all, we are very excited about these super slick wallets. Come by and check out what all the fuss is about for yourself.


Bellroy Wallets $59.95 - $149.95

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