There are always a few signs that autumn is on it's way; the leaves changing colour, the children back in school (usually), and for us here in Vancouver - the rain.

Our weather is constantly a topic of discussion, and whether you welcome the cooler temperature or you pine for the days of sun worship, everyone can agree that getting caught in a surprise rainfall is not ideal. But please, don't fret! We have you covered - literally. 



RAINS jackets have arrived!

This danish company draws inspiration from rainy Copenhagen to combine style and practicality seamlessly. Well, ok, the jackets do have seams like all clothing but the great thing about these seams is that the jacket is completely waterproof! Fairly important in a city that gets 168 days of rain a year (Vancouver, if you were wondering). And because RAINS thinks of everything, these jackets are breathable, with ventilation holes under the arm and back shield. A perfect addition to your cycling outfit.

They also put together a great lookbook that includes some of the other styles and colours that we offer.
RAINS - Escape From the City from RAINS on Vimeo.


But sometimes, even a perfect fitting hood (another RAINS jacket quality) can't protect you from a torrential downpour. So again, we have you covered literally. 

Westerly is a homegrown Vancouver company that operates under the intent of creating quality products that also keep you dry (go figure!). These umbrellas feature a fiberglass frame that is flexible and durable, as well as a sturdy wooden frame and handle - perfect for a windy rainy day. The colours they've chosen reflect the pacific northwest and probably look great with whatever you're wearing right now. 





 RAINS Jackets $110 - $135
Westerly Umbrellas $40 - $70



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