One of five designers participating in the Wood Show, learn about the National Design collective in our previous blog post and have a look at some of the beautiful pieces they made for us below:

Mt. Mini planter $38

Mt. Mini was inspired by the palettes of the mountains. Being elevation-challenged in Toronto, we often crave the white-capped peaks, wood tones, and greenery of the mountains on the West coast. Made from found maple blocks and finished with a beeswax polish, the planters work great with cacti or succulents that require minimal watering.”


Dark + Stormy pendant light $650

“The Dark + Stormy lights were created by pure experimentation. Named after our favourite rum drink and inspired by Buckminster Fuller, the result is a beautiful pendant globe light, which shows off the natural wood grain in a unique way.

Each light is meticulously handcrafted by a combination of craftsmen from our studio in the Toronto area. First we join 20 pieces of precisely cut solid walnut to create a pre-form. The pre-forms are then passed to a master wood turner, where they are lathed into spheres. This is where the magic or heartache happens, as sometimes these pieces don’t make it off the lathe in one piece. The lucky ones that make it are then internally finished with a hand spun aluminum reflector, and wired with a 10ft long cloth cord.”


Cairo Star Cut Clock $150

"Inspired by traditional diamond faceting geometry, each clock is cast in our studio using our own specially-formulated concrete mix and polished by hand. Due to the nature of the concrete and finishing methods, each clock is unique, just like the diamonds they are inspired by.    

The Cairo Star Cut Clock is powered by a Seiko quartz clock mechanism, specifically chosen for their exceptional quality.  Looks can be deceiving, with a concrete wall thickness of just 10mm, the clock is designed to be ultra-light.  It also features a translucent-neon back plate that captures ambient light to give the effect of illumination."   


I Kinda Like it Here coasters $40.50

"An ode to our four favourite Canadian cities, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, and Ottawa, the I Kinda Like it Here coasters are a modest celebration of our geographic identities. Laser cut from 3mm birch plywood, the coasters come in sets of four in a removable wooden backing."

Also available in an American cities series featuring San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York.
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