We met this sweet couple sometime last year and love the simplicity in which they've chosen to live their lives.  I think their products are a direct reflection of the choice they made to move out of of the city - earnest, simple and quality.  


What's their story?

"Turnco is a young family company that left Vancouver city life for slow living on Whidbey Island. Valuing to work and live in the same space and raise our family rurally, and retaining what has impacted and inspired us from life in the city. 

We do not consider ourselves designers, crafters or artists.  We are woodworkers and producers.  A lot of thought goes into the style, quality and functionality of each product we make.  It comes from our experience in working on custom projects, as well as honing our skills of efficiency and organization in making value added wood goods. All of our goods have a mix of simple modern design and warm nostalgia.  We use FSC certified lumber, and local hardwood like Madrona, and softwoods like western Red Cedar, and Douglas Fir when we can get our hands on it, either by harvesting it ourselves or from our lumberjack contacts. Life in the country provides an opportunity to cut our waste considerably. Sawdust and shavings go for goat bedding and small hardwood scrap becomes kindling to start our home fires burning through the winter."


They will be joining us tonight for the Opening of The Wood Show!  Come and meet them and see what they've made.  


The Wood Show
Tuesday. June 17th. 
6 - 9pm


Check them out online: http://turncowoodgoods.com/index.html
On Instagram: http://instagram.com/turncowood
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