A few small treats for the moms:

Coral & Cloud necklaces are crafted in Vancouver and fabricated from hand-painted wooden beads that are strung onto strands made from vintage t-shirts. These are new in the shop this week and have already been a massive hit. We love them, their soft colour and their geometric shapes.

"Mother" necklace $48

"Daughter" necklace $38

Vanessa Lianne is a metalsmith originally from Vancouver and currently creating out of her studio in Brooklyn. Having studied under local Vancouver artisans and in Jewellery Design at the Fashion Institute in New York, her work has come together in a great collection that uses recycled and ethically sources materials whenever possible. Along with the studs below we have a few necklaces and one additional style of earrings available in the shop.

Brass Studs $41

Silver Studs $50

Alvaro jewellery is hand crafted on Saltspring Island by Alvaro Sanchez, a self-taught silversmith who makes a variety of pieces using sterling silver occasionally combined with precious stones. Available are a large variety of earrings and a few silver bangles.

Earrings $35 - $70

Coatt necklaces and bracelets use delicate golden beads stranded onto fine silk to express small messages by way of the dots and dashes from the morse code alphabet. Messages include "love" "Vancouver" "fearless" "peace" "lucky" and "Carpe Diem".  Designed and made in L.A.

Bracelet $65

Necklace $65

hk + np studio is a Vancouver-based jewellery design studio that uses forms and techniques derived from the architectural background of its partners. Available in store are bangles, earrings and necklaces. All pieces are designed in Vancouver and made in Japan from sterling silver.

Bangles $300 - $330

Moorigin is a design company out of Taiwan making stainless-steel, lazer-cut jewellery that is light and delicate with original designs. Necklaces, earrings and brooches are available in a variety of shapes in either black or silver colours.

Necklaces $42-$90

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