Mother's Day Coffee and Tea May 02 2014

With Mother's Day around the corner, here are a few ideas to make the morning count.

Menu Glass Teapot
Heat-resistant and shock-proof glass. When the tea is ready, simply raise the egg by pulling on the silicon string.


Menu Thermo Kettle Jug
Keeps liquids hot in a clean looking, insulated jug. A stainless steel indicator on the lid shows if the thermos is open or closed and the silicon spout is drip-free.


Menu Thermo Cup
A double-walled, insulated cup keeps drinks hot and fingers burn-free.

Set of two $34

Mellifera Bees Honey
Unprocessed honey harvested from ethically managed hives in backyards and neighbourhoods of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Each jar is suffused with flavours such as lemon, lavender, vanilla, thai chili and cardamom. Great with tea, on toast, over ice cream and on scones.
4oz $10

8oz $17

Spot Tea
Delicious flavour combinations from a Vancouver company.

$14 - $15

Freud Tea Ball
Designed in England, a stainless-steel teapot with a removable infuser and a wooden handle.


Kinto Floating Tea Strainer
Perfect for a single cup of coffee. Pinch the top to fill the ball and let it float in your cup. When the brewing is over, remove and place on the tea ball saucer.


KintoTea Loop
A stick-shaped tea strainer. Open the slidable part, scoop tea leaves directly without a teaspoon, and place in your cup of hot water


 Freud Stovetop Espresso
A stainless steel stovetop espresso maker using the Italian Moka Pot method of brewing espresso. 250ml capacity.


Freud Cafetiere
Stainless steel french press for brewing coffee, designed in England.
330ml $99

1 litre $130

Espro Press
Vancouver designed coffee press with two fine mesh filters and an insulated stainless steel jug. Can also be used for loose leaf tea.
medium $119.95

large $139.95

Cathy Terepocki Mugs

Hand-thrown mugs from Chilliwack ceramist Cathy Terepocki with illustrated applique.