The Mobile Bird Feeder by Jim Schatz is designed to dip and sway like tree branches, creating a dynamic feeding experience for birds to play with. Handmade in New York by J Schatz, it features a single stoneware feeding tube suspended by a vinyl coated wire and resting on a secured aluminum balancing ring. The durable finish along with the use of rust-resistant aluminum ensures that the feeder will endure yearlong temperature extremes. Birds feast from the two top feeding holes on either end of the tube. Small holes on the bottom side at each end of the feeding tube will drain away any water that may enter it.

Squirrels should not be able to eat from the feeder if it is hung at least three feet away from surrounding surfaces. If squirrels do jump onto the feeder they won't be able to hold onto the glossy surface and the dynamic motion of the feeder will act to force them off.


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