Created in Vancouver, the Espro Press is a coffee press that significantly reduces the amount of grit sneaking into your cup - a common annoyance with french press coffee.


The press uses a double filter system which filters the coffee twice through mesh that is 9-12 times finer than those of regular coffee presses - giving grounds a pretty sturdy barrier before they can possibly reach the final brew.

Along with the fine mesh filters there is a silicon seal around the press which prevents grounds from escaping up the sides of the press and into the brew.

The double filtration and silicon seal not only help to prevent gritty coffee but they also also function to stop the coffee from infusing excessively after it has been pressed down. The result is coffee that is clean and consistent to the last cup.

This also makes it a great tool for making tea since the press will serve to stop the tea from becoming much too bitter after the first minutes of brewing.

Made from stainless steel, the Espro Press will be sturdy through the years, and with an insulating double wall, will keep your coffee hot throughout the serving.

Perfect for entertaining in all settings - for one or for many - since it will keep brews hot, consistent and tasty to the very last cup.

Medium $119.95

Large $139.95


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