Created by Vancouver-based team of chef Josh and designer Kenny, Growoya helps to sustainably keep a garden quenched and happy. The Oya is a terracotta vessel which, when transplanted into a garden and filled with water, will slowly feed water to the surrounding roots. When the Oya is full, the terracotta walls become saturated with moisture. The plants pick up on the presence of this moisture, become attracted to the vessel and drink water from the dampened exterior of the Oya.

The Oya naturally interacts with the soil and will not release water to the plants when the surrounding soil is already too damp - and conversely will extract more water when the soil is too dry. In this way it preserves water by only feeding the plants when they need it and keeps plants healthy by always having water available to them. A filled Oya vessel can be sufficient to water its garden for anywhere from 5 to 10 days as a sole water source depending on weather and soil-type. Since the water is contained, cool, and shaded it will not evaporate or drain away quickly such as surface watering will, plus watering from underground diminishes the germination of weeds in your garden - basically creating much less work for you all around!

 Every Oya is handmade in Port Moody.



Small $22

Medium $27

Large $32

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