Rootcup is a receptacle that helps to propagate plant cuttings by encouraging the healthy growth of their roots. The cup is designed to keep leaves out of water which prevents rotting, to protect the roots from sunlight which helps growth, and for ease of use when watering, placing and removing the cutting.


You can pretty much reproduce any plant with cutting propagation. All you do is take a cutting from a branch of your favourite plant, remove the leaves from the lower half so they don't soak in the water and let the branch sit in the water-filled rootcup with the leafy part sticking out the top. The roots will start to grow within a few days and soon your new plant will be ready for replanting into soil and for a long healthy life.




The Big rootcup has the same use as the smaller rootcup but with a bigger capacity and can also be used to force bulbs for winter flowers and to start avocado seeds.


avocado in big rootcup


Rootcup has a great advantage of looking really good around the home or office plus we love that accompanying the smart design is a touch of wit. Below are the instructions for use from the creators:



The Rootcup Planter is made from the same BPA free, phthalate free, food-grade silicon as the rootcup. Water can be placed into the cup part of the planter for subirrigation - which is watering from the roots rather than the topsoil. Certain plants such as African Violet much prefer this method of watering. After the roots have had enough to drink, drain the water and repeat as needed. If watering from the topsoil the planter allows excess water to drain out the bottom and be discarded which prevents drowning your plants and avoids rotting. This method is great for succulents, cactus, orchids and all other plants that like draining.


Rootcup Planter $19.90


Big Rootcup $17.90
Rootcup Original $6.90
Happy planting!
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