new jewelry line in the house! and this one is an old friend of walrus'- we've known her for more than a decade! welcome becky brisco (and her adorable family).

becky's jewelry line works towards marrying the hand-made qualities of folk inspired craft with modern machined detailing to create the character of her products. with hopes to create products that transcend beyond its functional duties and bring deeper meaning to the jewelry owners. 

japanese glass beaded cinching bracelet // $40
made with fine precision cut japanese glass beads and finished with sterling silver trims. each bracelet is handmade so no two are the same. 

memphis collection: ice-cream pendant // $140
inspired by the "bizarre" and "misunderstood"1981 post-modern memphis group, this line features solid silver or bronze cone pendants with an intersecting tube. each is handmade so every necklace is unique. 

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