this weekend looks like it's going to be a beautiful one!- which leaves us with plenty of ways to spend mother's day with our loved ones. if you're trying to plan a sweet day for your mom/wife/sister/loved one, we've got 5 ideas of fun activities for everyone. 

1. go for a hike
lynn peak, cypress, squamish, seymour- the options are endless! looking for a stroll amongst nature or a challenging workout, we're blessed with a city full of hikes so enjoy! don't forget your water to keep yourself hydrated with swell water bottles- keeps drinks cold for 24hours.

2. have a picnic at the beach or park
pack some yummy sandwiches, fresh beverages, lots of fruit, a comfy blanket, and you're ready for a great lunch in the sun. look stylish and support a local business with family size sunday towels- super lightweight and quick to dry.

3. spend a day in the garden
fix up the front or backyard now that spring is here and plant some lovely flower seeds to decorate the garden with. packaged with everything you need, the scatter garden seeds make for a great project for the family. in 6-8 weeks, you should begin to see some blooming and watch them return every year. 

4. family board games night
let's go back a decade and spend the night playing classic board games around a table. you up for a challenge? turn on the teamwork and catch up with the family over one of these 500 piece areaware gradient puzzles. you can even frame the completed puzzle afterwards for fun new wall art. 

5. make brunch at home
waffles, pancakes, eggs, and toast- all nice and easy to make and always delicious. accompany the meal with fresh juice, hot coffee or tea and serve it in a special cathy terepocki mug- handmade ceramics printed with vintage foil. 

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