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Woodless Pencils


Karst's Woodless Pencils come as a set of 5 solid graphite pencils. Made of 100% pure graphite with 2B hardness, it’s the best lead grade for Karst paper products. Create fine lines, subtle shading, and broad strokes from the same pencil, all with a tilt of your wrist.


  • Pure graphite, no wood barrel
  • 5 times more usable material from each pencil
  • Easy to sharpen with a standard pencil sharpener
  • Matte finish keeps hands clean
  • Optimal lead grade for stone paper
  • Pack Size: 5 pencils
  • Pencil Size: Length 142mm Width 7mm Length 5.6" Width 0.28"
  • Packaging: 2-in-1 display & storage case

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