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'Cool-It' Carafe


A lovely, practical carafe for all your beverages. Keep a carafe of water or fruit juice in the fridge so you’ll always have chilled drinks on hand – ready to serve for breakfast, lunch or your evening meal. Spice up your water with slices of cucumber, ginger, lime, apple or mint leaves – or devise your very own favorite flavour. The carafe sports smart open-and-close detailing – just flip the ball down for pouring, and then up again to seal the carafe.


  • Measurements:  Ø: 9.6 cm H: 31 cm
  • Volume:  1.5 litres
  • Weight:   0.364 kg
  • Materials: glass & rubber
  • Designed by Francis Cayouette for Rig-Tig, Copenhagen, Denmark.

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