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The Book Of Me


An engaging guided journal for developing children’s understanding of themselves and their emotions, by The School of Life. 

Children love to explore, born with a boundless desire to understand the world around them. While most of the outside world has already been mapped, there’s a whole other world that has yet to be discovered, one that’s accessible only to them: their own minds.

It takes readers on a journey inside themselves, helping them explore their mind, their moods, their imagination, their conscience, and how they determine the course of their lives. Alongside wise and engaging explanations of ideas, each chapter contains a wealth of interactive exercises that together help to create a rich and unique self-portrait. Through writing, drawing, cutting out and colouring in, children can begin to untangle the mysteries of existence and work out who they really are (and who they might become…).


  • Paperback book with 100 colour illustrations throughout 
  • 255 x 188 mm
  • 192 pages
  • Ideal for Ages 9+


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