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Swinging Reflector, Fade


MARCH reflector that dangles, swings, and wags – make you even more visible in the headlights!

The swinging reflector was created thinking with your looks during the day and your safety at night-time in mind. It looks great on a backpack, a coat, a bicycle, a baby stroller, a dog leash, or wherever else you fancy to hook it onto. This attachable reflector has one certain advantage – it moves and shakes together with you, creating even better visibility to drivers at night. And when your friends ask what it is, just say it’s for a good look and good luck!


  • Features: certified EN13356:2001, soft-touch, water-resistant 
  • Size: 3 x 10 cm, rubber string 20 cm 
  • Material: certified reflective fabric, rubber


Made in Lithuania

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