Squid Ink Ceramic Cups


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Our love affair for ceramics continue with Kat Pino's 'Squid Ink' collection. 

Playing a risky game with a runny glaze. Used on a white firing stoneware, Squid Ink is a mixture of black and cobalt blue oxides and underglazes, splattered on a slightly runny satin white glaze, which pulls the splatters down during firing. The result is a squid ink like pattern on a “snowflaky’ and silky satin white body.

Use and care: All products are food and dishwasher safe, however, hand washing is recommended.

All products are handmade and are subject to minor ‘imperfections’ and variations in finish and sizing. This is a characteristic of all handmade products and are not considered flaws or defects.

Sold as a single cup. 

10 oz
ø 9 cm x h 10 cm 

Vancouver, BC  Canada 

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