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Solis Hurricane, Brass or Black


Solis is an oil lamp that is all about flame and light.  The concave top that encircles the wick reflects the flame, enhancing its beautiful glow. When designing the lamp, Søren Refsgaard played with the contrasts of material and shape.  The Solis oil lamp consists of two parts - a holder and a cover that fits perfectly. This is a result of Stelton’s experience with the material and quest for precision. At the bottom of the holder there is a notch, through which you can lift the light with a finger to separate the two parts. The light source for the Solis oil lamp is a 100% vegetable oil light, one capsule is included in every lamp. Refills can be purchased separately. 


  • Design: Søren Refsgaard
  • Aluminum in Brass or Black
  • Removable lid and hole on bottom to remove candle insert
  • Minimalist timeless design
  • Measurements:  4.5275" Ø  x  3.93" H
  • Can be used indoor or outdoors
  • Comes with 1 vegetable candle, burn time 40-45 hours
  • Refills can be purchased separately


By Stelton, Denmark

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