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Self-Watering Planter, Small, Assorted Colours


Tired of killing plants, watering too often or not much enough? Dreaming about having trendy or thirsty plants but realizing they are too hard to take care of?

No more! Wet Pot Systems’ self-watering planter will help you. With its simple and ingenious functionality the system creates a natural and beneficial plant environment, allowing the plant to water itself.

Yes! It is as easy as that. Get a Wet Pot planter, unpack it and plant something in the terracotta pot. Put it in the glass cylinder, fill with water and watch your plant grow. All you have to do is refill when the cylinder is empty of water.


  • Terracotta inner diameter: 107 mm
  • Terracotta inner height: 111 mm
  • Glass outer diameter: 145 mm
  • Total height: 130 mm
  • Weight: 1600 grams

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