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POESIS call us within when we have questions, trusting that we have all the answers in the centre of our being.

The cards combine art and poetry to help cultivate one’s own intuitive abilities when it comes to decision making, knowing that our intuition can be a dependable source of guidance. As an attempt to break preconceived notions about divination tools belonging only to esoteric or supernatural spheres, we wanted to create a tool that is accessible to people in all age groups and from all beliefs systems and walks of lives; this is visually stimulating, and with self empowerment as the focus. POESIS can be used for intuition, inspiration, divination, self reflection, or even a way to to connect with others and share our stories. The cards are versatile and can be used in any free-form intuitive readings or spreads. 

There are 77 cards in the deck, each representing a different stage or experience, and altogether they make up a life’s journey. 

Andrea is a Chinese Canadian Visual Artist currently based in Vancouver BC. She sees her creative practice as a container in which she can allow whatever to come through in her stream of consciousness. Often the otherworldly images are reminiscent of her dreams, fears and thoughts buried within or shared among the collective. 

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